Radius Increaser

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The Breakdown


The new 35" x 12.5" much larger tires. These are still mounted to the factory stock rear spare tire mount.

The new, larger spare tire still uses the factory JK spare tire mount, plus the factory JK rear bumper. No other modifications.

This allows for the factory JK 3rd high stop light to still be visible. This very simple bumper insert can be installed in less than 30 minutes in a typical garage. There are a variety of small power or simple hand tools that can cut the appropriate opening in the factory stock JK rear bumper.

Save Money!

This insert can easily save the owner of the JK close to $300.

The rim that was selected is a 9.5" wide x 18" that has only has a 12mm offset. This minimum offset usually allows the owner to select a lower cost wheel. Usually, the more offset on the rim, the more costly the rim retail price. Plus, the track width of the wheels/vehicle can be as much as 3"-4" narrower.